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What Our Clients Are Saying…

I have been ordering Robin Brown's organics for a few years now, and in that time have found the fruit and vegetables to be of very good quality, especially the broccoli, carrots & kiwi fruit. The carrots are sweet and do not taste like chemicals.

There is a very big variety of fruit and vegetables and also dairy and other products. Robin is always very reliable and refunds any money if not completely satisfied. Robin sends a weekly reminder each Wednesday which includes what is in season for that week and information on the quality of the fruit and vegetables.

The web site is very easy to navigate and place an order. As I am always very busy with work it is great to know that the order will be delivered each Monday.

Jenny Bailey

I would like to take this opportunity to express my appreciation of the high quality service you have provided with RB'S Organics. I really appreciate the convenience of being able to access such high quality produce and foodstuff via your website with the added bonus of health information provided in the articles you often attach. I realize that it takes a certain skill to be able to select the best possible produce and equally to remain observant of what is not. What I do appreciate is your honesty in feedback of what the quality is and the simple fact that you will not purchase second best. I have purchased produce from many sources over the years and would have to say that the freshness, quality and variety that you provide is the best I have encountered.

Thanks for the great service.

John Read

I have been a customer of RBS Organics for about 7 or 8 years; three of these were spent living opposite the Northey Street Organic Markets!

During that time I have always found Robin easy to deal with and desiring to do the best she can. If ever there was a problem it was sorted quickly and with minimal fuss. The produce is consistently fresh with interesting new additions whenever possible. Her service is a godsend for people with a full and busy lifestyle – convenient, time-saving and reliable.

The routine of ordering (with reminders if I forget) means that I always have what I need in stock to build healthy, balanced meals. I can't imagine being without this service, even now when I live a 5 minute drive from an organic supermarket.

Kathryn Broadby

The main reason why we buy our weekly organic fruit and vegetables from RB's Organics is because the quality is consistently very high. The quality of the produce from the local organic supermarket and at local farmer's markets is noticeably not as good. RB's has an ability to source and deliver the best quality available.

RB's customer service is excellent.

We're very happy shopping at RB's, and plan to continue to do so.

Niall and Kristina,

I love the website and being able to order online, and have it delivered on time, same time, every week. I have been eating organic food for a long time now and RB's Organics is a wonderful way to get it fresh from the organic markets, without getting up at 3am to get there. My kids love the fruit, and veg, and notice when they eat the "Plastic Variety" looks good but tastes foul, organic fruit looks like it was picked of the tree on your farm. The quality of the vitamins and minerals is critical to today's diet, as most of the food available has numbers attached to them. RB's send you a weekly reminder to order and also gives you the latest from the fruit market about freshness. I also love it that we support our local farmers.

Thanks Robyn, we love your fruit and Veg and all the supporting products available from your convenient web site.


Lizzie Leong

It's easy, its organic, and its delivered to your door…. that's what I appreciate.

Robin's 'weekly reminder' is a must read, she tells you what's in season, what's good - what's not; as a friend said - "its like having a chat to the greengrocer in the 'ol days"

…and more than that Robin hand picks the produce, and if its not good - she won't get it.

No minimums, no maximums, no packages, full choice and I like the website - I order, it arrives.

The Kiwi fruit were magnificent this last week, and you must try the organic cherries at christmas!

produce handpicked, fresh to your door so soon, truth is Robin I wish all my shopping was this easy and of such high quality.

Sheenah Turnbull