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Nuts - Certified Organic

Almonds - Shelled

lovely, fresh and crunchy. Product of Australia.


Almonds - Tamari Flavour Australian

lovely fresh slightly salty snack.

Certified Organic Apples - Gala

Apples - Gala

fresh crisp and juicy delicious fruit.

Certified Organics Apples - Granny Smith

Apples - Granny Smith

excellent, crisp, juicy and sweet.

Certified Organic Asian Greens - Bok Choi Bunches

Asian Greens - Bok Choi Bunches

lovely fresh crisp bunches but still dear.

Certified Organics Asian Greens - Pak Choi Bunches

Asian Greens - Pak Choi Bunches

locally grown lovely fresh bunches, the price will come down again.


Asian Greens - Wombok

big - big and lovely looking crunchy fresh leafy greens.

Certified Organic Avocados - Hass Bulk


generous sized rich smooth flavour and textured fruit.


Bacon Rashers

tasty, thinly sliced rashers. sodium nitrite and chemical free and free - range but not certified. charged by weight.

Certified Organic Bananas - Cavendish - Budget

Bananas - Cavendish

fragrant, sweet tasty fruit, more reliably supplied lately.


Bananas - Cavendish - Dried

nice sweet chewy snack.

Certified Organic Bananas - Lady Finger

Bananas - Lady Finger

good flavour and fragrance but unreliably supplied.

Certified Organic Beans - Round Green

Beans - Round Green

lovely crisp fresh and highly desirable. recovering well from the floods and extended wet weather. yes they are dear ( under statement) but they will start coming down again soon.


Beef - Brisket

great marinated and cooked slowly. charged by weight.


Beef - Chuck Steak

great for slow cooked tender stew / casseroles.


Beef - Corned Silverside

salt cured and nitrite free . The price is shown per kilo, minimum size piece 1.5kg but charge by weight.


Beef - Mince - Normal

lean young free range grass fed / pasture raised meat.


Beef - Oxtail

This cut of beef makes the most delicious stew for a cool weather dinner. The packs are approximately 1kg charged by weight.


Beef - Rump Steak

the most flavourful steak for grilling, barbecues or yummy casseroles. approximately 500g. charged by weight. uncertain supply.


Beef - Sausages - Honey and Garlic

Good flavour, gluten and preservative free. charged by weight.


Beef - Sausages - Sweet Chilly

tasty succulent sausages made out of certified organic free range beef. Free of preservatives, gluten, hydrolizer, and vegetable protein. uncertain supply.


Beef - Sausages - Thick

good flavour gluten and preservative free. charged by weight.


Beef - Sausages - Thin BBQ

good flavour gluten and preservative free. charged by weight.

Certified Organic Beetroot - Bulbs

Beetroot - Bulbs

good quality fresh, sweet, juicy, baby bulbs.

Certified Organic Blueberries - Punnets

Blueberries - Punnets

nice fresh little fruit - high price - unreliably supplied.


Brazil Nuts

lovely big fresh crunchy snacks.

Certified Organic Broccoli


locally grown, really lovely fresh heads yes the price is high but it is excellent quality.

Certified Organic Broccoli Bunches

Broccoli Bunches

nice fresh bunches, either green or purple, the price is still painful.

Certified Organic Brussels Sprouts

Brussels Sprouts

very nice young sweet tight little buds.


Butter - Salted by Symons Organics

the producers attribute it's excellent flavour to the fresh cream produced from pasture grazing.


Butter - Unsalted True Organics

sweet fresh unsalted butter. with out salt as a preservative I suggest it be kept in the freezer.

Certified Organic Cabbages - Drum Head

Cabbages - Drum Head

beautiful fresh sweet heads.

Certified Organic Cabbages - Red

Cabbages - Red

excellent quality heads.


Cacao Powder Raw

High in antioxidants.

Certified Organic Capsicums - Green

Capsicums - Green

lovely fresh, crisp fruit, unreliably supplied and dear as a result.

Certified Organic Capsicums - Turning Red

Capsicums - Turning Red

crisp tasty fresh young good looking fruit under supplied hence the price.

Certified Organics Carrots - Gold Eating

Carrots - Gold Eating

fresh crisp sweet juicy roots.

Certified Organic Carrots - Gold Juicing

Carrots - Gold Juicing

biggish fresh juicy broken but good roots.


Cashews - Dry Roasted

fresh with a lovely toasted flavour.


Cashews - Raw

fresh creamy smooth nuts.



fresh and sparkly crystal white and crunchy.

Certified Organic Celery - Bunches

Celery - Bunches

locally grown, good quality, medium sized fresh bunches.


Cheese - Blue - French Style Wedge by Divine Dairy

a nice smooth tangy cheese.


Cheese - Brie Double Cream Wheel by Divine Dairy

a nice smooth flavour.


Cheese - Brie Wheel by Divine Dairy

smooth and creamy with good flavour.


Cheese - Camembert Wheel by Divine Dairy

a creamy smooth soft cheese.


Cheese - Cheddar by Barambah

it has a clean cheddar flavour.


Cheese - Cheddar by Symon's Organic Dairy

smooth and creamy mild cheddar flavour.


Cheese - Cheddar Vintage by Symon's Organic Dairy

a hard cheese with a sweet sharp flavour.


Cheese - Parmesan Symon's Organic Dairy

a nice aged flavour with a little bighty edge.


Cheese - Ploughman's Symons Organic Dairy

it has a creamy texture and a pleasant tangy flavour.


Chicken - Livers

great for pate


Chicken - Mince Lean

lovely lean versatile meat to match your creativity. on order with fingers crossed.


Chicken Breasts

plump skinless lean pieces. charged by weight. uncertain supply on order with fingers crossed.


Chicken Sausages - Honey and Macadamia

customers recommendation thin lean sausages. on order with fingers crossed.


Chicken Sausages Thin

said to be delicious for grilling or barbecuing.


Chicken Thighs

skinless lean portions, great for stir frying or delicious casseroles. on order with fingers crossed.


Chicken Whole

whole compact succulent lean bird.


Chocolate - Dark Couverture 70% Cooking

great for all things chocolate and really luscious snacking too.


Coconut - Dessicated

lovely fresh fine coconut. What would a lamington be without a white halo?


Cream - by Barambah

fresh sweet pure cream unreliably supplied but worth the possibility.


Cream - Cultured Sour by Barambah

smooth texture pure cream with a gentle tangy edge a multi gold medal winner, unreliably supplied but worth a wish.

Certified Organic Cucumbers - Lebanese

Cucumbers - Lebanese

lovely crisp fruit.


Currants - Australian

intensely sweet wee berries that add interest to salads..


Dates - Californian

deliciously sweet soft sugar substitute.

Certified Organic Eggplant


shiny bright young fruit in short supply hence the price, but so worth buying.


Eggs - 700gm

great flavour with lovely orange yolks. Certified Organic = free range on grass with less than 1500 birds to the hectare.

Certified Organic Eschallot Bunches

Eschallot Bunches

fairly good quality fresh bunches.

Certified Organic Fennel Bulbs

Fennel Bulb

Lovely fresh crisp fleshy new seasons, but unreliably supplies.


Figs - Dried

deliciously sweet snack. Imported from Turkish

Certified Organic Garlic - Russian

Garlic - Russian

fresh fragrant segments.


Ginger - Root

juicy, fresh succulent tubers.


Goji Berries

salty sweet flavour, high in antioxidants vitamins and minerals.


Hazelnut - Raw Shelled

Nice and fresh and great roasted.

Certified Organic Herbs - Coriander Bunches

Herbs - Coriander Bunches

lovely fresh fragrant generous bunches .

Certified Organic Herbs - Dill Bunches

Herbs - Dill Bunches

fresh fragrant beautiful big bunches.

Certified Organic Herbs - Parsley Curley Bunches

Herbs - Parsley Curley Bunches

fresh fragrant medium sized bunches.

Certified Organic Herbs - Parsley Italian Bunches

Herbs - Parsley Italian Bunches

fresh big crisp bunches.

Certified Organic Herbs - Rosemary Bunches

Herbs - Rosemary Bunches

fresh fragrant generous bunches.


Honey - Kangaroo Island In Glass Jar

Kangaroo Island organic raw honey is made for you by the only pure strain of Legurian Bee surviving world wide. They were badly burnt out out in 2020.


Honey Raw - In Glass Jar

beautiful 100% bush honey harvested far from agricultural crop areas in Australian. Good to see again.

Certified Organics Kale - Cavalo Nero Bunches

Kale - Cavalo Nero Bunches

lovely fresh BIG bunches , locally grown can't get fresher than that. :)

Certified Organic Kale - Curly Green Bunches

Kale - Curly Green Bunches

freshly picked generous bunches, the price will come down as supply increases.

Certified Organic Kiwi Fruit - Australian

Kiwi Fruit

juicy sweet fruit, worthy of a place in your fruit bowl while the season lasts.


Lamb - Forequarter or BBQ Chops

great for stewing and grilling or sizzled on the barbecue. charged by weight. uncertain supply.


Lamb - Leg - Roast

one of the nicest and easiest roasts to prep. Approximately 1 - 1.5 kg charged by weight. uncertain supply.


Lamb - Leg or Chump Chops

Great for stewing grilling and barbecuing. charged by weight. uncertain supply.


Lamb - Loin Chop

is there any thing nicer than a certified organic free range lamb chop crispy grilled or barbecued chop? charged by weight.


Lamb - Mince

versatile lean and very tasty. charged by weight. uncertain supply.


Lambs Fry

nice young liver tasty cooked with bacon and onions.charged by weight. uncertain supply.

Certified Organic Leek Bunches

Leek Bunche

fresh sweet bundle of 4 -5 slim stalks - lovely!

Certified Organics Lemons - Eureka


fresh zesty, juicy in season at present.

Certified Organic Lettuce - Cos

Lettuce - Cos

lovely sparkly fresh generous sized heads well worth buying.

Certified Organics Lettuce - Rocket Broad Leafed - Bunches

Lettuce - Rocket Broad Leafed - Bunches

lovely and fresh with a slight nippy flavour.

Certified Organic Lettuce - Rocket Wild - Punnets

Lettuce - Rocket Wild Punnets

lovely fresh crisp mustard flavoured greens. unreliably supplied fingers crossed.

Certified Organic Lettuce - Salad Mix Punnets

Lettuce - Salad Mix Punnets

freshly picked mixture of young broad leafed lettuce.

Certified Organic Lettuce - Super Food Mix

Lettuce - Super Food Mix

a mixture of fresh seasonally available, quality micro green leaves but unreliably supplied.

Certified Organic Limes - Tahitian

Limes - Tahitian

fresh zesty juicy fruit looking lovely.


Macadamia Nuts - Raw

Locally grown. Crunchy with a creamy smooth flavour.


Macadamia Nuts - Roasted & Salted Australian

lovely fresh nuts a great snack.

Certified Organics Mandarins


fragrant sweet delicious snacking fruit. oh yes a few pips. enjoy them while they'er in season.


Maple Syrup 100% - Canadian

Lovely pure B grade syrup high in antioxidants and mineral.


Milk - Full Cream - Lactose Free

for people who have dairy sensitivities it is pasteurised but un-homogenised.


Milk - Full Cream by Barambah

pasteurised sweet and full flavoured milk.


Milk - Full Cream Raw - Cleopatra's Bath Milk

lovely Jersey cows milk it is Certified Organic and has a shelf life of 7 - 10 days. For cosmetic use only.

Certified Organic Mushrooms - Oyster

Mushrooms - Oyster

lovely fresh tasty fungi but unreliably supplied.

Certified Organic Mushrooms - Swiss Brown - Crimini

Mushrooms - Swiss Brown - Crimini

fresh medium sized caps which last well, unreliably supplied.

Certified Organic Mushrooms - White Buttons

Mushrooms - White Buttons

lovely fresh caps the price has risen a bit and they are unreliably supplied.


Oil - Coconut - Tasteless and Odourless

a medium-chain fatty acid, it does not oxidise at high temperatures unlike other oils making it an excelent cooking oil.


Onions - Brown

good quality freshly harvested.

Certified Organic Onion Red Salad

Onions - Red Salad

beautiful shiny first quality, fresh fragrant bulbs with a price that goes with it.

Certified Organic Oranges - Navel - Eating

Oranges - Navel - Eating

new seasons deliciously fragrant, sweet and juicy fruit, the price will come down as we get through this present cafuffle..

Certified Organic Oranges - Navel - Juicing

Oranges - Navel - Juicing

sweet juicy fragrant and great for both juicing and cooking.

Certified Organic Oranges - Navel - Juicing - 3kg Bags

Oranges - Navel - Juicing - 3kg Bags

new seasons fresh zesty and sweet fruit.

Certified Organic Parsnips


nice fresh fragrant medium roots.

Certified Organic Pears - Packham

Pears - Packham

fresh, fragrant and ripening to a lovely sweet juicy flavour.

Certified Organic Snow Peas

Peas - Snow

fresh crisp sweet young pod, good to see again.


Pepita - Hulled Pumpkin Seeds

a tasty addition to musily and toasted in salads and trail mix.

Certified Organic Pineapples - Smooth Leaf

Pineapples - Smooth Leaf

medium sized fragrant exceptionally sweet, sadly, unreliably supplied but cross fingers.


Pistachio Nuts Dry Roasted and Salted

dry roasted and salted a lovely fresh crunchy snack.


Pork - Mince - Lean

very versatile limited only by your imagination and google search. Free range but not certified.


Pork - Sausages - Thick

great flavoured sausages, gluten free preservative and chemical free. charged by weight.


Pork - Sausages - Thin BBQ

great barbecued or grilled. gluten, preservative and chemical free, not certified organic. charged by weight.


Pork - Spare Ribs

great marinated and barbecued.

Certified Organic Potatoes - Dutch Cream

Potatoes - Dutch Cream

nice fresh tubers.

Certified Organic Potatoes - Sebago

Potatoes - Sebago

creamy medium sized old fashioned favourite tuber.

Potatoes - Sweet - Gold Flesh

Potatoes - Sweet - Gold Flesh

nice sweet medium sized tubers.


Prunes - With pips

tasty moist not too sweet semi dried plums.

Certified Organic Pumpkins - Butternut

Pumpkins - Butternut

lovely fresh medium sized fruit.

Certified Organic Pumpkins - Jap

Pumpkins - Jap

good quality ripe sweet gold flesh at a good price.


Quinoa - White Royal

an excelent high protein gluten free little grain, use any where you would use rice and other grains.

Certified Organic Radish - Round Red Bunches or Bags

Radish - Round Bunches or Bags

bunches of big fresh crispy round red roots can be unreliably supplied.


Raisins - Seedless

traditional dried fruit great for adding to almost every course of the menu.

Certified Organic Rhubarb Bunches

Rhubarb Bunches

fresh big bunches. unreliably supplied.


Rice - Basmati - White

fragrant polished grains devoid of all worthwhile nutrients good plain starch.


Rice - Brown - Medium Grain

nice nutty flavoured grains useful in all the usual pots.


Rolled Oats

an important grain for muesli and low GI diets.


Sesame Seeds

an excellent flavour addition to many dishes specially when toasted.

Certified Organic Silverbeet - Chard Bunches

Silverbeet - Chard Bunches

excellent quality fresh crisp big bunches.

Certified Organic Silverbeet Bunches

Silverbeet Bunches

good quality crispy fresh big bunches.

Certified Organic Spinach - English Baby Leaves - Punnets

Spinach - English Baby Leaves - Punnets

good quality vibrantly fresh crisp little leaves, at the moment I have to buy in bulk and apportion in 120g bags.

Certified Organic Spinach - English Bunches

Spinach - English Bunches

fresh young generous bunches, on lists again but dear.

Certified Organic Sprouts - Broccoli - Punnets

Sprouts - Broccoli - Punnets

tender fresh fine crisp threads. 30% higher in nutrition values than fully grown heads.Unreliably supplied. :)


Sprouts - Mung Bean - Punnets

fresh crisp mild flavour, add great crunch to a variety of dishes.


Sprouts - Radish - Punnets

fine tender threads, an easy way to add radish warmth to a salad or sandwich.

Certified Organic Sprouts - Sunflower - Bags

Sprouts - Sunflower - Bags

fresh and crisp a great nutty crunchy addition to salads and sandwiches but sadly unreliably supplied.


Storage Bags - Keep all F & V Fresh Longer

these bags are the greatest gift to prolonging the life and preserving the freshness of your fruit and veggies. In my opinion they are a must have in the kitchen. 10 Bags measuring 330m x 315mm

Certified Organic Strawberries Punnets 250g

Strawberries Punnets

deliciously juicy fragrant sweet berries. truly delicious.


Sultanas - Seedless

dried sultana grape, great in all sorts of baked goods, salads and Mediterranean cuisine.


Sweet Corn Cobs

nice plump cobs, prices are ridiculous - ouch - but they will come down when the weather warms up.


Tofu Firm - Delisoy

nice mild flavoured firm blocks of curds.


Tofu Soft - DeliSoy

very nice mild flavoured soft block of curds.

Certified Organic Tomatoes - Baby - Punnet

Tomatoes - Baby - Punnet

nice little fruit but unreliably supplied.

Certified Organics Tomatoes - Round

Tomatoes - Round

good quality, I prefer to let them ripen a little to sweeten.

Certified Organics Turmeric Roots

Turmeric Roots

here again, freshly harvested - so good for health.


Vinegar - Apple Cider - Unpasteurised : 500ml

made from certified organic apples grown on the Granit Belt. It is unpasteurised - containes the Mother.


Vinegar - Balsamic by Bioitalia

made from wine grape must and good for salad dressings.


Walnuts - Pieces. USA

lovely fresh and crunchy walnut pieces.

Certified Organic Watermelon - Seedless

Watermelon - Seedless

I don't think they are very good not summer quality sport of average.


Yoghurt - Blueberry by Barambah

flavoured with Blueberry puree. Blueberries are high in antioxidants and enhance to flavour of the yoghurt. It is a Silver Medal winner.


Yoghurt - Bush Honey by Barambah

sweetened with bush honey from eucalyptus forests. It is a winner of a Silver Medal.


Yoghurt - Greek by Barambah

the producer's of this product call this their dessert yoghurt. It is sweetened with certified organic honey and sugar and has extra cream added. It has recently won a silver medal.


Yoghurt - Lactose Free by Barambah

for people who prefer their yoghurt with out for lactose.


Yoghurt - Mango by Barambah

flavoured with certified organic Mangoes grown in the Bowen area in North Queensland.


Yoghurt - Natural by Barambah

this multi-award winning great flavoured yoghurt is good for cooking or eaten on it's own.


Yoghurt - Passionfruit by Barambah

flavoured with fresh certified organic fruit pulp.


Yoghurt - Strawberry by Barambah

flavoured with certified organic strawberries grown in South East Queensland. It appeals to young and old alike.


Yoghurt - Vanilla and Cinnamon by Barambah

lovely fresh spicy flavoured breakfast and desert yoghurt

Certified Organic Zucchinis - Green

Zucchinis - Green

nice freshly picked crisp fruit.