Real Clean Food As Mother Nature Intended

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Certified Organic | Home Delivery

Our primary intention is to supply the freshest, best quality produce at competitive prices delivered promptly to your door.

Of equal importance to us is that our customer's shopping experience is one of satisfaction with our dependable and reliable service.

Our emphasis is on "Service" that is why we have our Money Back Guarantee.

We respect our customers and do our best to facilitate your needs and we welcome communication with you so that we can establish a good business relationship and understanding of your likes and dislikes.

Having a deep concern for the Environment and Global Warming we endeavour to produce the smallest carbon footprint as possible.

We source our fruit and vegetables as locally as possible with out compromising the quality or freshness of the produce.

We resist buying imported fresh produce however if on occasions we do buy New Zealand Kiwi Fruit, for instance we note 'country of origin' next to the product listing as we do with our dried fruit.

We endeavour to use as few plastic bags as possible in packaging and place the highest importance on recycling when and wherever possible.

We will not use new Styrofoam boxes but we do recycle them in packing orders where appropriate i.e. frozen goods transport.

RB's Organics is powered by 100% Green Energy, we use 100% post-consumer recycled office paper for all our printing and we recycle all our used office paper with a company who specializes in the process.

Our fruit and vegetable waste is either composted, fed to our worms or to a friend's goats or our possums. Other paper and cardboard products are either composted or recycled.

For RB's Organics transport the best we could do for a low carbon vehicle was to buy a low emission diesel van.

Finally we endorse using a courier service to do our home delivery because it produces the smallest carbon footprint. It is far more energy efficient in your time, your effort and your energy that personal shopping trips.

We welcome feedback about our produce and services.