Real Clean Food As Mother Nature Intended

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Certified Organic | Home Delivery


We Deliver to the greater Brisbane area and we provide the widest range of the freshest Certified Organic and Biodynamic produce.

We welcome your orders via our web site or via phone if you prefer.

We need your orders to before 11pm to be processed for delivery the following Tuesday or Wednesday depending where you live.

We pick up the fresh fruit and vegetables for your orders early on Monday morning, whip them home and refrigerate them immediately to keep optimum freshness. Your orders are carefully picked and packed then returned to the cold room to await delivery the following day.

It is our aim to provide every item on your order and most often we do; however sometimes adverse weather conditions prevent the harvest of cops, sometimes but rarely transport glitches delay delivery to market by our pick up time.

In our experience remembering to order is sometimes not the highest priority on you're 'to do' list but still something you want to do. Our answer to the problem is to send out a reminder email including a bit of news about the weeks produce. Some people require a last minute reminder call because life has crowded out the basic chores and we are happy to give you a quick call.