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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of produce does RB's sell?

We feel it is important to be able to put your trust in a clean non-toxic food supply that is why we sell only 100% Certified Organic and Biodynamic produce. Certification guarantees that your food is clean and free from all harmful pollutants including all toxic chemicals, synthetic fertiliser, genetic modification, nanotechnology, antibiotics, growth promotants, irradiation or bleaching.

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How does RB's Organics source your produce?

We buy all our produce from trusted Certified Organic wholesalers with whom we have had a long and satisfactory business relationship. They are as dedicated to ethical and trustworthy food labelling as we are.

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How can I be sure that your produce is Certified Organic?

You can trust that all the produce we supply is certified because every product I buy is listed on my invoice with the producers name and their certification number and the name of their certifying organisation. All the produce you buy can be traced back to the farmer who produced it, all growers must have a complete record of the processes they have followed through out the production of each crops, all growers are regularly inspected by their certifying body, all certifying bodies are regulated by the relevant government body AQIS, Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service. Our paperwork is available for your inspection if required.

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How is RB's different from other Organic food shops?

We differ from other Organic food outlets because we supply only 100% Certified Organic and Biodynamic produce and only sufficient produce to fill our weekly orders. We are passionate about sourcing the freshest and highest quality produce for our customers.

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What type of customers does RB's Organics service?

We provide our personalised service to a diverse range of people.

Some people with chemical sensitivity lives literally depend on a trustworthy chemical free diet.

Some people want a diet with the highest nutritional values and there is a growing body of research verifying higher levels of minerals, antioxidants, and other important nutrients.

Some of our customers are prescribed Certified Organic food to assist in the healing of a wide range of illnesses some times serious.

Some people are recommended Certified Organic diets when they are planning on or trying to become pregnant and are encouraged to continue this diet to insure their long term health and well being and that of their children.

Some people like cooks and chefs appreciate the superior flavour and fragrance of most Certified Organic foods.

For others it is also an ethical issue about not polluting the environment and the people who work in the industry with toxic chemicals.

People with concerns about global warming also choose Certified Organic and Biodynamic food because these practices cause the sequestration of up to 30% Co2 annually.

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Where are you located?

We are located in Enoggera a northern suburb of Brisbane central to our delivery area of the greater Brisbane area.

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Does RB's Organics deliver?

RB's Organics specialises in providing a personalised home delivery service and welcome communication with our customers to enable us to craft your orders to your personal tastes.

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What areas do you deliver to?

We deliver to the greater Brisbane area to ensure the freshness that 'same day' delivery ensures. We will however work with you to deliver outside this area to fulfil your needs if requested. If you live near by pick up is possible.

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Does RB's Organics charge for delivery and how are charges calculated?

We have a basic $6.00 charge with in the greater Brisbane area.

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Do you offer a guarantee?

Our undertaking is to provid the highest quality produce available and we have a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the quality of the produce we supply. We encourage frank feedback regarding the quality of the produce we supply. There are times when some lines are less than we would prefer due to the likes of bad weather, at these times the quality is usually reflected by a cheaper price.

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Who is behind RB's Organics?

Robin Brown is the principal of RB's Organics. I have been interested and involved at varying levels in the organic movement for forty-five years. I have worked co-ordinating fresh Certified Organic produce in a retail outlet and have been providing RB's Organics home delivery service for the last ten years. I am passionate about sourcing the best, clean, healthy un-polluted produce, which the Certified Organic label ensures.

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When was RB's Organics established?

We established RB's Organics ten years ago. The impulse arose out of being dissatisfies with the freshness of the produce being supplied when I was co-ordinating fresh produce in a retail outlet. Providing this home delivery service enables me to source and supply the freshest obtainable produce.

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Will we receive every thing we order?

Under most circumstances you will receive every thing you order however there are a number of factors that sometimes prevent fulfilment of your order. Occasionally there is a transportation failure. The major reason for short supply of some items is extreme weather related problems. Hot spells desiccate crops, frosts literally freeze some crops, hail storms absolutely shred fruit and vegetables, floods drown crops resulting in them rotting in the paddock, too much rain prevents harvesting, drought is self evident, long cold spells retard crop growth and finally demand for Certified Organic food is growing faster than supply is expanding.

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