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Vegetables - Certified Organic

Certified Organic Artichoke - Jerusalem

Artichoke - Jerusalem

tasty fresh sweet low carbohydrate tubers.

Certified Organic Asian Greens - Bok Choi Bunches

Asian Greens - Bok Choi Bunches

fresh crisp medium sized bunches.

Certified Organics Asian Greens - Pak Choi Bunches

Asian Greens - Pak Choi Bunches

fresh medium sized bunches, unreliably supplied during the warmer months. I will substitute Bok Choi if needed.

Certified Organic Beans - Round Green

Beans - Round Green

the price is coming down again and the quality is good.

Certified Organic Beetroot - Bulbs

Beetroot - Bulbs

fresh, sweet juicy medium sized bulbs.

Certified Organic Broccoli


good quality fresh medium sized heads but in short supply and a ridiculous price!

Certified Organic Brussels Sprouts

Brussels Sprouts

new seasons nice young tight little buds. The price should moderate in the next few weeks.

Certified Organic Cabbages - Drum Head

Cabbages - Drum Head

fairly good - good quality sweet crisp crunchy leaves.

Certified Organic Cabbages - Red

Cabbages - Red

lovely, fresh and crisp.

Certified Organic Capsicums - Green

Capsicums - Green

fresh, crisp medium sized fruit.

Certified Organic Capsicums - Red

Capsicums - Red

medium sized fleshy crisp sweet fruit.

Certified Organics Carrots - Eating Purple

Carrots - Eating Purple

good quality sweet and juicy, medium sized roots.

Certified Organics Carrots - Gold Eating

Carrots - Gold Eating

crisp and sweet medium sized roots.

Certified Organic Carrots - Gold Juicing

Carrots - Gold Juicing

fresh misshapen and some broken roots.

Certified Organic Celery - Bunches

Celery - Bunches

fairly good quality fresh crisp medium - big bunches.

Certified Organic Chillies - Long Red

Chillies - Long Red

long fresh warm flavoured fruit.

Certified Organic Cucumbers - Lebanese

Cucumbers - Lebanese

good quality fresh mixed sized fruit.

Certified Organic Eggplant


lovely fresh young medium sized fruit.

Certified Organic Eschallot Bunches

Eschallot Bunches

fresh medium sized bunches.

Certified Organic Garlic - Italian

Garlic - Italian

medium sized cloves in small to medium sized bulbs.

Certified Organic Garlic - Russian

Garlic - Russian

large juicy mild flavoured segments in big bulbs.


Ginger - Root

lovely juicy, freshly harvester tubers.

Certified Organic Herbs - Basil Bunches

Herbs - Basil Bunches

lush fragrant fresh medium sized bunch.

Certified Organic Herbs - Coriander Bunches

Herbs - Coriander Bunches

lovely fresh fragrant generous sized herb.

Certified Organic Herbs - Dill Bunches

Herbs - Dill Bunches

fresh fragrant generous sized bunches.

Certified Organic Herbs - Parsley Curley Bunches

Herbs - Parsley Curley Bunches

fresh fragrant medium sized bunches.

Certified Organic Herbs - Parsley Italian Bunches

Herbs - Parsley Italian Bunches

fresh crisp intense flavoured generous sized bunches.

Certified Organic Herbs - Rosemary Bunches

Herbs - Rosemary Bunches

really fresh and fragrant big bunches.

Certified Organics Kale - Cavalo Nero Bunches

Kale - Cavalo Nero Bunches

there are none on my lists but knowing how popular it is, it is worth keeping them in out of wishfulness.

Certified Organic Kale - Curly Green Bunches

Kale - Curly Green Bunches

lovely medium sized bunches, a good substitute for cavolo nero should there be a need.

Certified Organic Leek


fresh bunches of medium sized leeks with a sweet mild onion flavour.

Certified Organic Lettuce - Baby Salad Mix Punnets

Lettuce - Baby Salad Mix Punnets

good quality broad variety of fresh seasonally available greens.

Certified Organic Lettuce - Cos

Lettuce - Cos

fresh crisp medium sized heads. unreliably supplied.

Certified Organic Lettuce - Kale Baby

Lettuce - Kale Baby

nice fresh young leaves, milder flavoured than the adult plant. Unreliably supplied.

Certified Organic Lettuce - Rocket Wild Punnets

Lettuce - Rocket Wild Punnets

fresh crisp mustard flavoured greens.

Certified Organic Lettuce - Super Food Mix

Lettuce - Super Food Mix

a mixture of fresh seasonally available, quality micro green leaves of beet, chard, english spinach, kale. Unreliably Supplied.

Certified Organic Mushrooms - Swiss Brown

Mushrooms - Swiss Brown

fresh medium sized caps which last well, also known as Crimini.

Certified Organic Mushrooms - White Buttons

Mushrooms - White Buttons

lovely fresh caps.


Onions - Brown

not so beautiful but biggish, fresh fairly good quality bulbs.


Onions - Red

fresh crisp biggish good quality bulbs.

Certified Organic Potatoes - Dutch Cream

Potatoes - Dutch Cream

fresh, good quality all rounders.

Certified Organic Potatoes - Nicola

Potatoes - Nicola

fresh, great all rounders.

Certified Organic Potatoes - Pontiac

Potatoes - Pontiac

red skinned old fashioned excellent flavoured useful spud :) Roast fry mash :)


Potatoes - Sweet - Gold Flesh

sweet crisp medium tubers.

Certified Organic Pumpkins - Butternut

Pumpkins - Butternut

lovely firm medium sized fruit. Summer price.

Certified Organic Pumpkins - Jap

Pumpkins - Jap

fresh sweet fleshed fruit an excellent all rounder.

Certified Organic Pumpkins - Striped Butternut

Pumpkins - Striped Butternut

slightly dryer mealy sweet flesh, roasts very well, and well worth a try.

Certified Organic Radish - Round Red - Bag or Bunch

Radish - Round Red - Bag or Bunch

crispy crunchy roots with mild heat. Probably bags.

Certified Organic Rhubarb Bunches

Rhubarb Bunches

fresh medium sized bunches. unreliably supplied.

Certified Organic Silverbeet - Chard Bunches

Silverbeet - Chard Bunches

fresh crisp medium sized bunches with a mix of coloured stems.

Certified Organic Silverbeet Bunches

Silverbeet Bunches

fresh crisp medium sized bunches. unreliably supplied will sub with chard.

Certified Organic Spinach - English Baby Leaves - Punnets

Spinach - English Baby Leaves - Punnets

vibrantly fresh crisp little leaves.

Certified Organic Spinach - English Bunches

Spinach - English Bunches

fresh mild flavoured leaves in a medium sized bunches.


Sprouts - Radish - Punnets

fine tender threads, an easy way to add radish warmth to a salad or sandwich.

Certified Organic Sprouts - Sunflower - Bags

Sprouts - Sunflower - Bags

fresh and crisp a great nutty crunchy addition to salads and sandwiches.


Sweet Corn Cobs

lovely young cobs, great barbecued - unreliably supplied.

Certified Organic Tomatoes - Baby - Punnet

Tomatoes - Baby - Punnet

tasty sweet, juicy little fruit.

Certified Organics Tomatoes - Round

Tomatoes - Round

fresh and juicy and ripen quite well.

Certified Organics Turmeric Roots

Turmeric Roots

juicy fresh orange fleshed roots high in antioxidants.

Certified Organic Zucchinis - Green

Zucchinis - Green

nice fresh fruit young this week.