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Vegetables - Certified Organic

Certified Organic Asian Greens - Bok Choi Bunches

Asian Greens - Bok Choi Bunches

lovely and fresh but unreliably supplied and might be a bit dearer.

Certified Organics Asian Greens - Pak Choi Bunches

Asian Greens - Pak Choi Bunches

lovely fresh bunches unreliably supplied and might be a bit dearer too much rain.


Asian Greens - Wombok

lovely crunchy fresh leafy greens - no promises :)

Certified Organic Beans - Round Green

Beans - Round Green

good quality fresh and crisp.

Certified Organic Beetroot - Bulbs

Beetroot - Bulbs

fresh, sweet, juicy, bulbs. very versatile.

Certified Organic Broccoli


quality is good for summer crops.

Certified Organic Broccoli Bunches

Broccoli Bunches

fresh bunches of green or purple sprigs, purple unreliably supplied unfortunately :|

Certified Organic Cabbages - Drum Head

Cabbages - Drum Head

unreliably supplied and dear but nice and fresh.

Certified Organic Cabbages - Red

Cabbages - Red

good quality fresh crisp heads but under supplied.

Certified Organic Capsicums - Green

Capsicums - Green

lovely fresh, crisp fruit, a bit dear.

Certified Organic Capsicums - Turning Red

Capsicums - Turning Red

crisp tasty fresh young fruit.

Certified Organics Carrots - Gold Eating

Carrots - Gold Eating

fresh crisp sweet juicy roots.

Certified Organic Carrots - Gold Juicing

Carrots - Gold Juicing

big fresh juicy broken roots.

Certified Organic Cauliflowers


coming to the end of the season and not beautiful & unreliably supplied.

Certified Organic Celery - Bunches

Celery - Bunches

medium sized fresh bunches, very dear having to hitch hike all the way from Victoria or South Australia :)

Certified Organic Chillies - Long Red

Chillies - Long Red

long fresh crisp crunchy warm flavoured fruit.

Certified Organic Cucumbers - Lebanese

Cucumbers - Lebanese

lovely crisp fruit and getting a little cheaper.

Certified Organic Eschallot Bunches

Eschallot Bunches

good quality fresh bunches. unreliably supplied. :\

Certified Organic Garlic - Italian

Garlic - Italian

good new seasons stocks medium quality.

Certified Organic Garlic - Russian

Garlic - Russian

juicy fragrant segments. under supplied.


Ginger - Root

juicy, fresh succulent tubers.

Certified Organic Herbs - Basil Bunches

Herbs - Basil Bunches

excellent fresh generous bunches, back again and magnificent. fingers crossed.

Certified Organic Herbs - Coriander Bunches

Herbs - Coriander Bunches

lovely fresh fragrant generous bunches - unreliably supplied.

Certified Organic Herbs - Dill Bunches

Herbs - Dill Bunches

fresh fragrant generous sized bunches.

Certified Organic Herbs - Parsley Italian Bunches

Herbs - Parsley Italian Bunches

fresh crisp intense flavoured generous sized bunches.

Certified Organic Herbs - Rosemary Bunches

Herbs - Rosemary Bunches

fresh and fragrant generous bunches.

Certified Organic Kale - Curly Green Bunches

Kale - Curly Green Bunches

freshly picked generous bunches, probably better value.

Certified Organic Lettuce - Cos

Lettuce - Cos

they have popped up again dearer but big and beautiful.

Certified Organic Lettuce - Rocket Wild - Punnets

Lettuce - Rocket Wild Punnets

lovely fresh crisp mustard flavoured greens.

Certified Organic Lettuce - Salad Mix Punnets

Lettuce - Salad Mix Punnets

freshly picked mixture of young broad leafed lettuce.

Certified Organic Lettuce - Super Food Mix

Lettuce - Super Food Mix

a mixture of fresh seasonally available, quality micro green leaves of beet, chard, english spinach, kale.

Certified Organic Mushrooms - Oyster

Mushrooms - Oyster

lovely fresh tasty fungi but unreliably supplied.

Certified Organic Mushrooms - Swiss Brown - Crimini

Mushrooms - Swiss Brown - Crimini

fresh medium sized caps which last well, unreliably supplied.

Certified Organic Mushrooms - White Buttons

Mushrooms - White Buttons

lovely fresh caps.


Onions - Brown

good quality freshly harvested locally grown bulbs.

Certified Organic Onion Red Salad

Onions - Red Salad

they are listed and I'm hopeful fingers crossed.

Certified Organic Potatoes - Sebago

Potatoes - Sebago

creamy medium sized tuber.

Potatoes - Sweet - Gold Flesh

Potatoes - Sweet - Gold Flesh

nice sweet medium sized tubers.

Certified Organic Pumpkins - Butternut

Pumpkins - Butternut

lovely fresh medium sized fruit.

Certified Organic Pumpkins - Jap

Pumpkins - Jap

good quality ripe sweet gold flesh.

Certified Organic Rhubarb Bunches

Rhubarb Bunches

fresh medium sized bunches. unreliably supplied and dear.

Certified Organic Silverbeet Bunches

Silverbeet Bunches

good quality crispy fresh bunches.

Certified Organic Spinach - English Baby Leaves - Punnets

Spinach - English Baby Leaves - Punnets

good quality vibrantly fresh crisp little leaves.

Certified Organic Spinach - English Bunches

Spinach - English Bunches

fresh young bunches. unreliably supplied. :\

Certified Organic Sprouts - Broccoli - Punnets

Sprouts - Broccoli - Punnets

tender fresh fine crisp threads. 30% higher in nutrition values than fully grown heads.Unreliably supplied. :)


Sprouts - Mung Bean - Punnets

fresh crisp mild flavour, add great crunch to a variety of dishes.


Sprouts - Radish - Punnets

fine tender threads, an easy way to add radish warmth to a salad or sandwich.

Certified Organic Sprouts - Sunflower - Bags

Sprouts - Sunflower - Bags

fresh and crisp a great nutty crunchy addition to salads and sandwiches but sadly unreliably supplied.


Sweet Corn Cobs

nice big plump cobs, prices are ridiculous.

Certified Organic Tomatoes - Baby - Punnet

Tomatoes - Baby - Punnet

either punnet of loose - tasty, juicy little fruit, a good substitute for big fruit.

Certified Organics Tomatoes - Round

Tomatoes - Round

they are back again, crash tested fruit :| they are okay when you cant do without one. Let them ripen a little.

Certified Organic Zucchinis - Green

Zucchinis - Green

nice fresh fruit, wet weather is making it difficult to harvest and hence dearer.