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Seeds and Grain - Certified Organic

Buckwheat - Hulled China

not a grain but a gluten free seed high in protein and fibre.


Chia Seeds - Black

a seed high in protein, fiber, omega 3, fatty acids and a good balance of vitamins and minerals.


Chick Peas

a high fibre, low cost vegetable protein, a good source of folate minerals and antioxidants.


Lentils - Green

an excelent alternate protein source they add a lift hot dishes and salads.



contain the highest source source of plant based omega 3 oil as well as fiber protein, vitamins and minerals.


Pearl Barley Australian

another alternate grain it is an excelent adds smoothness to soups and stews.


Peas - Split

a staple for a warming pea and ham soup and others.


Pepita - Hulled Pumpkin Seeds

a tasty addition to musily and toasted in salads and trail mix.


Quinoa - Tri Colour

similar to the white grain variety with the added visual appeal of little coloured beads high in antioxident.


Quinoa - White Royal

an excelent high protein gluten free little grain, use any where you would use rice and other grains.


Rice - Basmati - Brown

Its great to be able to buy unprocessed rice retaining all its goodness. Imported from India.


Rice - Basmati - White

fragrant polished grains devoid of all worthwhile nutrients good plain starch.


Rice - Brown - Medium Grain

nice fatnutty flavoured grains useful in all the usual pots.


Rolled Oats

an important grain for muesli and warm winter porrage. Unreliably supplied.


Sunflower Seeds - Hulled

a welcome addition to trail mix, musily and toasted in salads.