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Seeds and Grain - Certified Organic

Buckwheat - Hulled China

not a grain but a gluten free seed high in protein and fibre.


Chia Seeds - Black

a seed high in protein, fiber, omega 3, fatty acids and a good balance of vitamins and minerals.


Lentils - Green

an excelent alternate protein source they add a lift hot dishes and salads.



contain the highest source source of plant based omega 3 oil as well as fiber protein, vitamins and minerals.


Pearl Barley Australian

another alternate grain it is an excelent adds smoothness to soups and stews.


Peas - Split

a staple for a warming pea and ham soup and others.


Pepita - Hulled Pumpkin Seeds

a tasty addition to musily and toasted in salads and trail mix.


Quinoa - Tri Colour

similar to the white grain variety with the added visual appeal of little coloured beads high in antioxident.


Quinoa - White Royal

an excelent high protein gluten free little grain, use any where you would use rice and other grains.


Rolled Oats

an important grain for muesli and warm winter porrage. Unreliably supplied.