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Nuts - Certified Organic

Almond - Meal

an excelent product for making non flour / gluten sweet treats.


Almonds - Shelled

lovely, fresh and crunchy. Product of Australia.


Almonds - Tamari Flavour Australian

lovely fresh snacking.


Brazil Nuts Bolivia

Product of Bolivia. Lovely and fresh and crunchy.


Cashews - Dry Roasted

Fresh with a lovely toasted flavour.


Cashews - Raw

Product of Vietnam. Creamy smooth and fresh.


Coconut - Dessicated

lovely fresh fine coconut. What would a lamington be without a white halo?


Coconut - Flakes

great additive for muesli and salads


Coconut - Shredded

long fine squiggles of fresh white coconut flesh.


Hazelnut - Raw Shelled

product of Turkey. Nice and fresh and great roasted.


Macadamia Nuts - Raw

Locally grown. Crunchy with a creamy smooth flavour.


Macadamia Nuts - Roasted & Salted Australian

lovely fresh nuts a great addition to the menu, salads deserts and meat dishes.


Peanut - Dry Roasted China

delicious fresh and crunchy.


Pecans - Shelled Australian

are deliciously fresh sweet nuts.


Walnuts - Halves USA

lovely fresh and crunchy walnut halves difficult to source thus expensive because there is a drought raging here and in the western USA.