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Organic Lamb Brisbane – Certified Organic

Lamb - Forequarter or BBQ Chops

great for stewing and grilling or sizzled on the barbecue.


Lamb - Leg - Roast

one of the nicest and easiest roasts to prep. Approximately 1 - 1.5 kg charged by weight


Lamb - Leg or Chump Chops

Great for stewing grilling and barbecuing.


Lamb - Loin Chop

is there any thing nicer than a certified organic free range lamb chop crispy grilled or barbecued chop?


Lamb - Mince

versatile lean and very tasty.


Lamb - Sausages - Chilli Coriander

tasty slightly chilli succulent sausages free of preservatives, gluten, hydralized and vegetable protein.


Lamb - Sausages - Rosemary - Thin

excellent for grilling or barbecue. Gluten and preservative free.


Lamb - Shanks

Great for warm winter stews 2ea - 500g approximately


Lambs Fry

nice young liver tasty cooked with bacon and onions.