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Cacao Powder Raw

High in antioxidants.


Chocolate - Dark Couverture 70% Cooking

great for all things chocolate and really luscious snacking too.


Honey - Kangaroo Island In Glass Jar

Kangaroo Island organic raw honey is made for you by the only pure strain of Legurian Bee surviving world wide. They were badly burnt out out in 2020.


Honey Raw - In Glass Jar

beautiful 100% bush honey harvested far from agricultural crop areas in Australian. Good to see again.


Maple Syrup 100% - Canadian

Lovely pure B grade syrup high in antioxidants and mineral.


Oil - Coconut - Tasteless and Odourless

a medium-chain fatty acid, it does not oxidise at high temperatures unlike other oils making it an excelent cooking oil.


Vinegar - Apple Cider - Unpasteurised : 500ml

made from certified organic apples grown on the Granit Belt. It is unpasteurised - containes the Mother.


Vinegar - Balsamic by Bioitalia

made from wine grape must and good for salad dressings.