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Cacao Powder Raw

Highin antioxidants.


Chocolate - Dark Couverture 70% Cooking

great for all things chocolate and really luscious snacking too.


Honey - In Glass Jar by Ambrosia

100% pure raw honey, being unheated it chrysalises easily but is simply liquified if set in water under 35 degrees for a little while.


Honey - Kangaroo Island In Glass Jar

Kangaroo Island organic raw honey is made for you by the only pure strain of Legurian Bee surviving world wide.


Honey Raw - In Glass Jar by Ambrosia

beautiful 100% bush honey harvested far from agricultural crop areas in Australian.


Maple Syrup 100% - Canadian

Lovely pure B grade syrup high in antioxidants and mineral.


Oil - Avocado

extra virgin locally grown cold pressed oil. Good for salad dressings and frying at 170 degrees. Also good for cosmetic use.


Oil - Coconut - Tasteless and Odourless

a medium-chain fatty acid, it does not oxidise at high temperatures unlike other oils making it an excelent cooking oil.


Oil - Olive - Extra Virgin - Cold Pressed by Every Bit Organic.

smooth olive flavour with a mild peppery finish. High in antioxidants. Recommended for cooking up to 170 degrees and all other cold uses.100% Australian grown.


Salt - Himalayan - Fine

pale pink crystals, said to contain a broad spectrum of needed minearals.


Vinegar - Apple Cider - Coral Tree NZ

Produced form old world tree ripened apples, naturally fermented in oak. It is unpasteurised and unfiltered and contains the living 'mother.'


Vinegar - Balsamic by Bioitalia

made from wine grape must and good for salad dressings.