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Fruit - Certified Organic

Certified Organic Apples - Gala

Apples - Gala

crisp, sweet fragrant juicy fruit.

Certified Organics Apples - Granny Smith

Apples - Granny Smith

crisp, juicy, great for eating, juicing and cooking.

Certified Organics Apples - Pink Lady

Apples - Pink Lady

deliciously crisp sweet juicy fruit.

Certified Organic Avocados - Best Quality


nice big rich buttery smooth fresh new seasons fruit.

Certified Organic Bananas - Cavendish - Budget

Bananas - Cavendish

good quality, tasty sweet fragrant fruit.

Certified Organic Bananas - Lady Finger

Bananas - Lady Finger

good flavour and fragrance - annoyingly unreliably supplied, I'll substitute if not available.

Certified Organics Lemons - Eureka


lovely fresh zesty juicy fruit.

Certified Organics Mandarins Honey Murcott

Mandarins - Honey Murcott

fragrant, sweet, juicy and a little tight skinned.

Certified Organic Oranges - Navel - Eating

Oranges - Navel - Eating

deliciously fresh, fragrant, sweet and juicy fruit ,yes a few pips.

Certified Organic Oranges - Navel - Juicing

Oranges - Navel - Juicing

sweet juicy fragrant and cheap for juicing.

Certified Organic Oranges - Navel - Juicing - Bags

Oranges - Navel - Juicing - Bags

fresh zesty fruit winters Vitamin C fruit. Cut into smiles for easy convenient eating.

Certified Organic Paw Paw - Red

Paw Paw

I'm buying the fruit again hoping it will be better than my home grown ones.

Certified Organic Pears - Packham

Pears - Packham

very sweet juicy fruit if when ripen.

Certified Organic Strawberries in Punnet

Strawberries in Punnet

big, fragrant, fairly sweet berries with good flavour, after tasting conventionally grown fruit these berries are wonderful.