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Fruit - Certified Organic

Certified Organic Apples - Gala

Apples - Gala

NEW SEASONS - deliciously crisp sweet juicy fruit. my grand son says they are "lit" that means excellent! :) he does not praise lightly.

Certified Organic Avocados - Best Quality


New Seasons - smooth rich flesh.

Certified Organic Bananas - Cavendish - Budget

Bananas - Cavendish

tasty, sweet fragrant fruit. sometimes a bit big but some supply is better than none don't you think:)

Certified Organic Bananas - Lady Finger

Bananas - Lady Finger

good flavour and fragrance.

Certified Organic Blueberries - Punnets

Blueberries - Punnets

little treats high in antioxidants., you know how good they are.

Certified Organic Grapes - White Seedless

Grapes - White Seedless

sweet crisp, juicy seedless berries.

Certified Organics Grapes - Red - Seedless

Grapes -Red - Seedless

sweet, crispy, juicy seedless berries.

Certified Organics Lemons - Eureka


beautiful fresh juicy fruit, grown in the tropics hence the skin is a lovely pale green.

Certified Organic Mangos- KP

Mangos KP

fresh sweet, juicy fragrant fruit.

Certified Organic Nectarines - Yellow

Nectarines - Yellow

ripening fairly well.

Certified Organic Oranges - Valencia - Eating

Oranges - Valencia - Eating

fresh zesty sweet, juicy fruit.

Certified Organic Oranges - Valencia Juicing Bags

Oranges - Valencia Bags

lovely sweet juicy fruit - cheaper than the eaters.

Certified Organic Pears - Josaphene

Pears - Josaphene

fresh and ripens to a sweet juicy fragrant flavour. new seasons.

Certified Organic Pineapples - Smooth Leaf

Pineapples - Smooth Leaf

sweet and juicy again, just sampled one usually medium sized fruit.

Certified Organic Rockmelons


medium sized juicy sweet fruit

Certified Organic Strawberries in Punnet

Strawberries in Punnet

usually juicy fragrant berries, unreliably supplied.

Certified Organics Watermelon - Round Seedless well nearly

Watermelon - Round Seedless well nearly

good flavour juicy fruit.