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Fruit - Certified Organic

Certified Organic Apples - Gala

Apples - Gala

new seasons lovely sweet and fragrant fruit, from Forest Orchards WA, he grows the very best apples of all varieties.

Certified Organics Apples - Granny Smith

Apples - Granny Smith

crisp, crunchy, juicy, great for eating and excellent for cooking.

Certified Organic Avocados - Best Quality


buttery smooth fleshed fresh fruit.

Certified Organic Bananas - Cavendish - Budget

Bananas - Cavendish

good quality, sweet fragrant fruit - unreliably supplied - too much rain up north.

Certified Organic Bananas - Lady Finger

Bananas - Lady Finger

good flavour and fragrance - unreliably supplied, I'll substitute if not available.

Certified Organic Blueberries - Punnets

Blueberries - Punnets

fresh with excellent flavour and high in antioxidants - unreliably supplied.

Certified Organic Grapes - Black Muscat

Grapes - Black Muscat

a lovely fresh sweet fragrant seedy grape.

Certified Organics Grapes - Red - Seedless

Grapes -Red - Seedless

sweet, crispy, juicy seedless berries.

Certified Organic Kiwi Fruit - Australian

Kiwi Fruit - Australian

juicy slightly tangy sweet fruit, high in Vitamin 'C'.

Certified Organics Lemons - Eureka


new seasons lovely fresh zesty fruit a bit dear this early in the season.

Certified Organic Oranges - Valencia - Eating

Oranges - Valencia - Eating

fresh zesty sweet, juicy fruit outrageous price!

Certified Organic Oranges - Valencia - Juicing

Oranges - Valencia - Juicing

sweet and juicy.

Certified Organic Oranges - Valencia Juicing Bags

Oranges - Valencia Bags

lovely sweet juicy fruit - cheaper than the eaters.

Certified Organic Paw Paw - Red

Paw Paw

I'm getting great reports about their sweet and fragrance, flavour - unreliably supply.

Certified Organic Pears - Williams

Pears - Williams

fresh and ripens to a sweet juicy fragrant flavour.

Certified Organic Strawberries in Punnet

Strawberries in Punnet

fragrant, sweet berries. worth buying.

Certified Organic Watermelon - Seedless

Watermelon - Seedless

juicy sweet fragrant and almost seedless fruit.