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Fruit - Certified Organic

Certified Organic Apples - Gala

Apples - Gala

new seasons, fresh crisp and juicy.

Certified Organics Apples - Granny Smith

Apples - Granny Smith

crisp, juicy but a tad tart :( early season, fresh off the trees, they'll sweeten in weeks.

Certified Organic Avocados - Hass Bulk


medium sized rich smooth flavour and textured fruit.

Certified Organic Bananas - Cavendish - Budget

Bananas - Cavendish

fragrant, sweet tasty fruit, unreliably supplied due to floods.

Certified Organic Bananas - Lady Finger

Bananas - Lady Finger

good flavour and fragrance but unreliably supplied.

Certified Organic Kiwi Fruit - Australian

Kiwi Fruit

first of the local season, juicy sweet flesh, worthy of a place in your fruit bowl.

Certified Organics Lemons - Eureka


fresh zesty and juicy looking better than they have for ages.

Certified Organic Limes - Tahitian

Limes - Tahitian

fresh zesty juicy fruit looking lovely.

Certified Organic Oranges - Valencia - Eating

Oranges - Valencia - Eating

fresh zesty sweet, juicy fruit.

Certified Organic Oranges - Valencia - Juicing

Oranges - Valencia - Juicing

sweet and juicy.

Certified Organic Oranges - Valencia Juicing Bags

Oranges - Valencia Bags

sweet juicy fruit - cheaper than the eaters.

Certified Organic Pears - Packham

Pears - Packham

fresh, fragrant and ripening to a lovely sweet juicy flavour.

Certified Organic Pineapples - Smooth Leaf

Pineapples - Smooth Leaf

medium sized fragrant exceptionally sweet, sadly, unreliably supplied.

Certified Organic Watermelon - Seedless

Watermelon - Seedless

juicy sweet fragrant and almost seedless.