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Dried Fruit - Certified Organic


dried with a little extra sugar but tasty with a little sharp edge. Grown in USA.


Currants - Australian

intensely sweet wee berries that add interest to salads..


Figs - Dried

deliciously sweet snack. Imported from Turkish


Goji Berries

salty sweet flavour, high in antioxidants vitamins and minerals.


Peaches Dried

sweet snack and hydrate into a pleasing compote.


Prunes - With pips

tasty moist not too sweet semi dried plums, a great snack for kids both big and small.


Raisins - Seedless

traditional dried fruit great for adding to almost every course of the menu.


Sultanas - Seedless

dried sultana grape, great in all sorts of baked goods, salads and Mediterranean cuisine.