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Organic Dairy Products Brisbane – Certified Organic

Butter - Lightly Salted by Organic Times

all natural lightly salted sweet creamy butter.


Butter - Salted by True Organic

the producers attribute it's excellent flavour to the fresh cream used to make it.


Butter - Unsalted by Organic Times

sweet fresh unsalted butter.


Cheese - Blue - French Style Wedge by Divine Dairy

a nice smooth tangy cheese.


Cheese - Brie Double Cream Wheel by Divine Dairy

a nice smooth flavour.


Cheese - Brie Wheel by Divine Dairy

smooth and creamy with good flavour.


Cheese - Camembert Wheel by Divine Dairy

a creamy smooth soft cheese.


Cheese - Cheddar Matured by Kenilworth

a slightly crumbly texture with a lovely sweet tangy flavour.


Cheese - Cheddar Block by Barambah

A really good all-rounder. It has a sweet clean cheddar flavour with a firm texture.


Cheese - Cheddar by Symons Organic Dairy

smooth and creamy mild cheddar flavour.


Cheese - Haloumi True Organics

great for cooking


Cheese -Cottage by Barambah

nice smooth texture low fat high protein


Cream - by Barambah

fresh sweet thick multi medal winning pure cream.


Cream - Cleopatra's

lovely thick sweet raw cream.


Cream - Cultured Sour by Barambah - Unreliably Supplied

smooth texture pure cream with a gentle tangy edge a multi gold medal winner.


Eggs - 700gm

they have lovely orange yolks and are delicious in all the usual ways.


Milk - Full Cream by Barambah

pasteurised sweet and full flavoured milk.


Milk - Full Cream Raw - Cleopatra's Bath Milk

produced by Jersey cows and is Certified Organic and keeps form 7 - 10 days. For cosmetic use only.


Tofu Firm - DellSoy

really nice mild flavoured firm blocks of curds.


Tofu Soft - DellSoy

very nice mild flavoured soft block of curds.


Yoghurt - Blueberry by Barambah

flavoured with Blueberry puree. Blueberries are high in antioxidants and enhance to flavour of the yoghurt. It is a Silver Medal.


Yoghurt - Bush Honey by Barambah

sweetened with bush honey from eucalyptus forests. It is a winner of a Silver Medal.


Yoghurt - Cherry by Barambah

flavoured with cherries grown in a biodynamic orchard in the Young district. Cherries are high in antioxidants which are indicative of high flavour.


Yoghurt - Greek by Barambah

the producer's of this product call this their dessert yoghurt. It is sweetened with certified organic honey and sugar and has extra cream added. It has recently won a silver medal.


Yoghurt - Mango by Barambah

flavoured with certified organic Mangoes grown in the Bowen area in North Queensland.


Yoghurt - Natural by Barambah

this multi-award winning great flavoured yoghurt is good for cooking or eaten on it's own.


Yoghurt - Passionfruit by Barambah

flavoured with fresh certified organic fruit pulp.


Yoghurt - Strawberry by Barambah

flavoured with certified organic strawberries grown in South East Queensland. It appeals to young and old alike.


Yoghurt - Vanilla and Cinnamon by Barambah

lovely fresh spicy flavoured breakfast and desert yoghurt


Yoghurt - Whole Milk by Barambah

convenient small tubs of full cream yoghurt with the much needed probiotics for gut health.