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Organic Beef Brisbane - Certified Organic

Beef - Brisket

great marinated and cooked slowly.


Beef - Burger Spanish Onion

said to be very tasty and popular.


Beef - Corned Silverside

it is salted and nitrite free . The price is shown per kilo, minimum size piece 1.5kg but charge by weight.


Beef - Mince - Normal

lean young pasture raised grass fed meat.


Beef - Sausages - Honey and Garlic

Good flavour, gluten and preservative free.


Beef - Sausages - Sweet Chilly

tasty succulent sausages made out of certified organic free range beef. Free of preservatives, gluten, hydrolizer, and vegetable protein.


Beef - Sausages - Thick

good flavour gluten and preservative free.


Beef - Sausages - Thin BBQ

good flavour gluten and preservative free.


Beef - Shin Meat

the tasty stewing meat, excellent for slow cooking approximately 500g


Beef - Steak - Rib Fillet

excellent for barbecuing or deliciously tender casseroles.


Beef - Steak - Rump

the most flavourful steak for grilling, barbecues or yummy casseroles. approximately 500g.


Beef - Stir-fry - Strips

nice young pasture raised meat excellent for stir frying.


Ox Broth Bones

home made bother delicious soup.


Ox Liver

lovely fresh tender liver.