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There is a direct line between rich fertile soil and high nutritional value of the food on your plate.

My name is Robin Brown I started RB's Organics a decade ago.

I am driven by my passion for the whole truth about the food we eat and the only way we can be guaranteed of that is by buying Certified Organic and Biodynamic produce. Organic Certifying organisations have strict rules about the omission of harmful chemicals and practices in the production and manufacture of the food labelled by one of the certifying bodies.

Worldwide governments have totally abdicated responsibility for food quality and cleanness in favour of corporate lobbying to the considerable detriment of our health and wellbeing.

Over the last century there has been an astonishing escalation in the number and variety of toxic chemicals and harmful practices used in agricultural production and manufacture of our food supply, all of which is having an adverse impact on our physical and mental health particularly our children.

Year after year conventional agriculture is incrementally degrading and polluting our agricultural land, waterways and oceans and diminishing biodiversity in our croplands and environment, so that now the food produced on this land is considerably less nourishing than it was a century ago.

There is a growing band of concerned people dedicated to producing nutritious clean food and soil scientists are gaining an ever-deeper understanding of the practices needed to increase soil fertility, which in turn produces an increase in the nutritional values of food. There is a direct correlation between the health of the soil food crops are grown in and the quality and nutritional value of the food produced there on.

Certified Organic and Biodynamic practices guarantee that farmers include soil-building practices with composts and cover crops in their annual crop husbandry, insuring a continuing increase in the health of their arable land and the crops harvested from that land.

With this understanding and staying true to myself I have little choice but to be involved in providing a service supplying Certified Organic and Biodynamic food.

I spent a few years working in a Certified Organic co-op buying and coordinating the fresh produce and I was often frustrated that we couldn't shorten the elapsed time between field and the customer putting the food in their fridge. That's why I decided to start a home delivery service to provide the freshest fruit and veggies I could find.

I am passionate about good quality fresh food, creative cooking, organic gardening and natural health amongst other things. I can feel the zing of life in fresh fruit and veggies and I look for that when I am buying the fruit and veggies for your orders.

There is nothing more pleasing than handling masterfully grown fruit and veggies at the peak of their season. Inhaling the unique fragrances, tasting the robust flavours and feeling the unique textures, especially when they matches the best memory you have of that fruit or veggie. Often Certified Organic produce will rekindle those experiences.

I sometimes smile when I have packed an order with a variety of fruit and veggies with lovely fresh greens on top, it looks and feels absolutely beautiful, and it is better than a bunch of flowers because you can eat it!

My earliest and happiest memories are of playing in our kitchen garden in North-Western Queensland; with my feet in the soft, damp aromatic earth; surrounded by healthy veggies. Or hunting for the best bunch of grapes and picking it off the vine, or mandarin of fig off the tree.

There is nothing more gratifying than harvesting our own food, it has to be an echo of the hunter-gatherer from our past. We are all of us not too many generations from having our own food plots.

It is a natural progression that I would become interested and involved in all things organic when I reached maturity about thirty to forty years ago and here I am now doing something I really enjoy running an Organic home delivery service.